Setting up marketing departments, marketing-, content-, and advertising management & more – for the world’s leading event organization


Delivering Comprehensive Marketing Excellence
For ID&T, we provided a full spectrum of marketing services, including marketing management, content and social media management, advertising management, copywriting, content creation, community management, influencer management, data transitions, and growth hacking. Our work spanned numerous iconic events, such as Mysteryland, Decibel outdoor, A Nightmare in Rotterdam, Amsterdam Open Air, Valhalla, Sensation, Hardbass, Immersive Experience Amaze, Supersized Kingsday, Thunderdome, and many more.

Remarkable Milestones
Our efforts resulted in sold-out festivals nobody believed in anymore, significant boosts in brand values and keeping up the marketing departments after the Covid period. We perfected the preregistration strategy that is being used worldwide since then and each event we managed saw its brand value grow by at least 50% per year, underscoring the effectiveness of our strategies and execution.

Why Choose The Golden Tigers?

  1. Proven Success: Our track record with ID&T shows our ability to handle large-scale, high-profile events.
  2. Boosting Brand Value: By our strategic marketing efforts, we enhance the brand value of events, driving sustained growth and success.
  3. Tailored Solutions: We create customized marketing strategies that align with your event’s unique goals and audience.
  4. Integrated Services: From influencer management to growth hacking, our comprehensive approach ensures every aspect of your marketing is covered.

Join the Success
Ready to elevate your event or brand? Reach out to The Golden Tigers and uncover how our innovative marketing solutions can amplify your success in achieving your business goals. Let’s begin your journey to unparalleled growth!