Managing the online media team and setting up a storytelling platform


We thrive on collaborating with world-class brands to create unforgettable experiences. The Golden Tigers have had the privilege of enhancing the online presence and storytelling for Tomorrowland, the world’s leading festival, commissioned by The Reporters.

Building a Dynamic Online Storytelling Platform
Our journey with Tomorrowland began with the creation of a dynamic online storytelling platform. This platform was designed to capture the festival’s magic, bringing the excitement and energy of Tomorrowland to a global audience. Through compelling stories and engaging content, we ensured that fans could experience the festival’s essence no matter where they were.

Managing the Onsite Online Media Team
As the online media producer, we managed the onsite media team, orchestrating a seamless flow of real-time updates and content. Our role involved coordinating a dedicated team of videographers, photographers, journalists, and editors to capture the festival’s most memorable moments. This content included live interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and captivating stories from the festival grounds.

Why Partner with The Golden Tigers?

  1. Proven Expertise: our successful collaboration with Tomorrowland showcases our ability to handle large-scale, high-profile projects.
  2. Customized Strategies: we create tailored strategies that align with your brand’s vision and goals, ensuring each campaign resonates with your target audience and delivers impactful results.
  3. Strategic Partnerships: we build long-term relationships with our clients, working closely to achieve their marketing goals. Our collaborative approach ensures that we are always aligned with your vision and objectives.
  4. Comprehensive Management: from storytelling to real-time media management, we offer a holistic approach to your marketing needs.

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