The contemporary definition of ‘marketing’ as a process of moving goods from producer to consumer with an emphasis on sales and advertising first appeared in dictionaries in 1897. The term, marketing, is a derivation of the Latin word, mercatus meaning market-place or merchant.

Thanks for the heads-up but what does it really mean?
Let’s explain it in layman’s terms: it means acquiring a (better) position in the market.

You have a product or service and would like to make (more) money out of it, the marketeer is going to tell you the best ways to do this and sometimes even create more revenue models. Yes, the marketeer is probably one of the best things you should invest in.

The marketeer’s tools consist of

1. analysing and strategy forming skills
2. knowledge of markets and audiences
3. activations in the streets
4. printed campaigns like flyers, billboards, posters and magazines(Out OF Home)
5. supermarket placement and campaigns
6. data and how to acquire
7. store and use it
8. how to grow you following or their buying behaviour (growth-hacking)
9. online advertising on platforms like Google and social-media
10. website and app development
11. e-commerce to give your webshop a boost
12. automation to smoothen the sales-machine
13. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get you up in the search results
14. Public Relations (PR), influencers
15. branding to give you that slick logo, font and story
16. copywriting so that everyone understands what you’re trying to tell
17. e-mailmarketing to make you less dependent to third-party platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn
18. partnerships with other companies to get all benefits of working together
19. Did we forget something? Probably! The marketeer is connected to every aspect of your company.
It depends on the budget how far the marketeer can go! For 100 euro we’ll get your brand in the right direction, for euro we can conquer the world for you.
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